Rueda Denomination of Origin

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With care and advanced production methods, Rueda and its designation of origin has gained international recognition as an exquisite white wine based on a single indigenous variety: the Verdejo grape.

Rueda Designation of Origin

The secret of a unique wine

The Rueda DO was recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture as the first designation of origin of the autonomous region of Castile and León on 12 January 1980.  The Verdejo variety contributes characteristics such as mountain herbs, fruity touches and excellent acidity to this wine.

The vines of the Rueda DO stretch out over the stony land full of granite rocks, which is ideal for ripening the grapes. Just one sip from a glass of Rueda white wine will make an unforgettable impression and leaves you wanting more. The back label of these wines is their hallmark and is only granted to the highest quality wines. The 43 producers and the renowned wines of this designation are located in municipalities in the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila. The DO has worked hard to protect its indigenous variety, Verdejo. Its continuous and constant growth, as well as careful production techniques, extremely high quality and exclusive location ensure that this unique wine is well recognised nationally and internationally. The Rueda DO which is one of the most important in Spain, boasts a privileged natural environment with a continental climate and rich soils.

These exclusive characteristics are the best kept secret that define the personality of its wines and ensure that they are of the highest quality. Every Rueda DO bottle has a back label that guarantees the provenance of the product to the consumer, with a number and series to prevent potential fraud and to ensure that the minimum quality standards are achieved, as well as offering an absolute guarantee of control for the consumer. Nevertheless, Rueda’s wines are easily recognisable thanks to their excellence and character that make them genuinely unique.